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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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What is Digital Derbyshire?

What is the difference between BT's commercial roll-out and the Digital Derbyshire programme?

When will I get fibre broadband? Will everyone get it at the same time?

Why are other areas being prioritised and getting faster broadband before my area?

How will fibre broadband benefit me?

How will fibre broadband benefit business users?

How do I order fibre broadband?

When fibre broadband becomes available in my area, will my broadband automatically get faster without me having to do anything?

How much will it cost me as a home user or business to have fibre broadband?

My broadband service is intermittent and/or my speeds are slow, what should I do?

I am in an enabled area but I cannot get fibre broadband, why not?

My line is connected directly to the exchange. Will I be able to get fibre broadband?

Why are you installing fibre broadband in areas that already have good broadband speeds before the more rural areas?

Will I need to buy new/extra equipment to receive fibre broadband?

Will I have to buy my fibre broadband service from BT?

I am not in an enabled area, is there anything I can do?

Is there anything else I can do to improve my speed in the meantime?

My area has been enabled, what does this mean?

The opposite side of the road is connected, why aren't I?

I am an internet service provider, what do I do?

Is better, faster broadband available in your area?

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Latest structures

The following cabinets have recently been fibre enabled:

Buxton 42 (Peak Forest)
Hathersage 5 (Thornhill)
Hathersage 10 (Bamford)
Grindleford 11 (Froggatt)
Holymoorside 10 (Wadshelf)
Bakewell 17 (Over Haddon)
Whitwell 17 (Whitwell Common)
Repton 13 (Findern)

How we're doing

Faster homes and businesses
Fibre optic cable
Miles of fibre optic cable laid
Exchange areas enabled
Structures enabled