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Brenda and Eddie using the internet

Brenda and Eddie make the most of the internet

Distance is no barrier when it comes to keeping in touch with friends living on the other side of the world.

Seventy-somethings Brenda and Eddie are among a growing number of so called 'silver surfers' who are making day-to-day life easier by making the most of broadband. 

And being online offers a golden opportunity for the North Wingfield couple when it comes to keeping in touch with friends who live abroad. Brenda said: 

"We've got friends who moved from Bolsover to Hamilton, New Zealand, and the internet makes it really quick and easy for us to keep in touch. 

"I've also got a former colleague from my days working in the physiotherapy department at Walton Hospital who now lives in Perth, Australia, who I regularly keep in touch with. 

"The internet makes it so easy. We exchange emails and sometimes use Skype - where we can see each other as we talk." 

Brenda and Eddie, a former miner, have used the internet since Brenda started helping with the financial accounts of her son's business. 

And their web use has been growing ever since - including carrying out banking, home shopping and entertainment. Brenda added: 

"We use the internet to access our bank accounts and pay bills. It means we can go online immediately to check how much money is in our account and what we're spending. 

"We sometimes shop online and have used sites such as Amazon to buy presents.

"And the internet is really helpful for doing searches for information. For example, I'd never call a premium rate phone number - I'd always go online and find an alternative local rate telephone number to keep the cost of the call down." 

"We both like playing Scrabble and the internet means we're able to play online with friends," said Brenda. 

"Using the internet has brought many opportunities and had a positive impact in many areas of our lives."

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