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Family playing games on a computer

The Hesp family

Distance is no barrier to Paul and Kay Hesp when it comes to keeping in touch with family now they've signed up to receive fibre broadband.

Paul said:

"We don't get to see our wider family very often due to living so far apart. The faster broadband connection has allowed us to us to speak to them online more regularly which is great" 

With their children, Kieran and Kirsty living at home in Dove Holes too, the internet is in high-demand in the Hesp household. 

"Kieran likes to play games on his Xbox, Kirsty likes to watch Netflix and they both use the internet to research information for their homework too. With us all on the same, slow connection, you can image the frustration it caused and the fall-outs"

Faster, better broadband has also helped the Hesps with their hobby of building model railway tracks which they have been doing at home for more than 10 years. 

Fibre broadband has allowed them to improve the control panel and mount a small WiFi camera on front of the train which films the journey as it passes more than 50 buildings modelled on local landmarks such as the Navigation Inn in Buxworth, St Paul's Church and Monsal Viaduct. The film can be viewed on a computer or tablet giving the impression of being on-board. 

Paul also uses the internet every day to run his management consultancy business PHMC from home, and the improved broadband speed enables more productive use of his time for client research and customer service. All his client files are now stored securely online, enabling access from anywhere. 

"Now I have a faster connection, I use video conferencing a lot more which has reduced my travelling by up to 100 miles per week. I can put this time to better use now and deliver more online coaching and training services instead of only face to face.

"I like to do a lot of research for my own personal development as well. Thanks to the faster broadband connection, I can download large files such as reports and online training packs within a few seconds. 

"Using high speed internet has brought many opportunities and has had a positive impact on many areas of our lives."

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